Georgia Carbon Sequestration Registry

About Us

The Georgia Carbon Sequestration Registry is a non-profit program established by Georgia Senate Bill 356 in 2004 and is administered by the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) and the Georgia Superior Clerks Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA). The purpose of the Registry is to provide forest landowners, municipalities, and public and private entities with an official mechanism for the development, documentation, and reporting of carbon sequestration projects undertaken in Georgia. Participation in the Registry is completely voluntary.

With the assistance the University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, along with input from public and private stakeholders, the Registry has developed a protocol for estimating and reporting carbon stocks in forests. Similar protocols will be developed for conservation tillage and urban forestry in the future.

If you are interested in registering a project, please review all of the informational materials and browse the links found on this website. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Registry.

Some of Our Specific Responsibilities:

Enable the voluntary reporting of carbon sequestration projects undertaken in the state of Georgia in a transparent and uniform format.

Facilitate the emerging market for carbon offsets generated from forestry and agricultural practices in the Southeast.

Promote all environmental markets that recognize the important ecological, social, and economic values of forests and farmland and that fairly compensate landowners for the services their lands provide for all of us.

Generate new economic incentives for Georgia’s forest owners and farmers.

Maintain an official record of carbon storage and carbon accumulation for all registered projects.

Advocate the importance of forestry, agriculture, and land-use in any national greenhouse gas emissions policy.

Recognize, promote, and publicize Registry participants.

Provide greater access to emerging environmental markets to Georgia’s landowners.

Assist landowners in marketing their offset projects to potential purchasers.

Conduct project monitoring and verification of registered projects.

Educate the public about the carbon offsets, carbon sequestration, and climate change.

Important Items to Remember About the Registry:

The Registry is not a market platform. The Registry is designed for reporting carbon sequestration activities, but does not purchase "carbon credits" or administer financial transactions. Simply put, the Registry provides a record of carbon storage in registered forest land that may be used for many different purposes and does not assign dollar value to carbon. There is an administrative fee associated with project registration, which can be found here.

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