Georgia Carbon Sequestration Registry


Georgia Forestry Commission

The Georgia Forestry Commission website is the official website of the Georgia Forestry Commission. The website contains a wealth of information related to Forestry, Forest Fires, Forest Management, Burn Permits and planting, caring for and pruning trees.

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Carbon Trading: A Primer for Forest Landowners

The University of Georgia's Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources has developed this online reference for forest landowners interested in participating in emerging carbon markets. Estimate how much carbon is stored in your forest and learn more about how forestland can be used to offset Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

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Chicago Climate Exchange

The CCX is the North America's only and the world's first global marketplace for integrating voluntary legally binding emissions reductions with emissions trading and offsets for all six greenhouse gases.

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California Climate Action Registry (CCAR)

The California is a non-profit/private partnership that serves as a voluntary greenhouse gas registry to protect,encourage, and promote early actions to reduce GHG emissions.

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Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

RGGI is a cooperative effort by Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. RGGI states are developing a regional strategy for controlling emissions that includes a multi-state cap and trade program with a market-based emissions trading system.

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The Climate Registry

The Climate Registry is a multi-state and tribe collaboration aimed at developing and managing a common greenhouse gas emissions reporting system. Georgia pledged to participate in the Climate Registry in May of 2007.

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Iowa Farm Bureau Carbon Credit Project

The Iowa Farm Bureau is one of a growing number of organizations actively engaged in aggregating carbon offset projects from agriculture and forestry for sale on the Chicago Climate Exchange.

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National Carbon Offset Coalition (NCOC)

The NCOC program is designed to assistlandowners in planning carbon sequestration activities and documenting the resulting Carbon Sequestration Units in a manner that adheres to international standards and protocols and meets the needs of potential buyers.

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Voluntary Reporting Carbon Management Tool (COMET-VR)

The USDA has developed an online carbon sequestration estimation tool to assist land managers.

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